Welcome to the Philosophy Zone

Welcome to the Philosophy Zone.

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Discussion starters 1

  1. The Nature of Science
  2. Before the Big Bang
  3. Designer Universe
  4. I believe in Miracles
  5. All in the mind
  6. Do you Believe in Ghosts?
  7. Identify Yourself
  8. Artificial Intelligence
  9. Free Will and Genes

Discussion starters 2

  1. How to Tell Science From Pseudoscience
  2. Alternative Medicines
  3. How Society Influences Science
  4. What is Scientific Truth?
  5. The Nature of Philosophy
  6. Philosophical Argumentation
  7. Language in Philosophy

An introduction to the philosophy of mind

  1. Substance dualism
  2. The mind-body problem
  3. The problem of other minds
  4. The private language argument

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